There are many things I didn’t know until being faced with living life the way I do now so I would like to share my top 5, otherwise I could be here all night!!! Now I believe everything happens for a reason and these lessons are apart of my reasons!!!

  1. Don’t ever take your issues out on someone as you have no idea what they are dealing with behind the scenes. I don’t think I ever really have but thinking back to each time someone has even been a slight bit snappy if I’m having a hard day now the slightest comment can make me snowball downhill and I would hate to of ever made anyone feel that way. I still hide it on the inside like so many of us do, but words are so important because just a sentence can make or break someones day.
  2. I am stronger than I think! I’ve gone through so much and each time something bad happens I used to think I couldn’t handle it but now I know I’m tough. Anyone dealing with chronic illnesses are far more tougher than they give themselves credit for because each day we are fighting a war inside our bodies and each day we live through is a day we have not only achieved but we have WON that BATTLE!
  3. I am my best advocate! You are too! When I was first diagnosed I was so furious with so many doctors and the medical world as you put your faith in them and sometimes it’s for nothing. They don’t have your best interests at heart… only you do! So standing up for your self is the only way you will get the best treatment. Do your research, ask about certain medications you believe might help, if you think your diagnosis is wrong then question it, suggest what you believe because no one knows you better then you!!!! I got my POTS diagnosis within 3 days of symptoms after being sent from the doctors to hospital to home. I did my research and found POTS matched everything I was experiencing. So I went back to the doctor and suggested it and he did some tests (after he was googling it!!) and agreed! He then sent me to a specialist who then also confirmed it and told me it generally takes most patients 3-5yrs to be diagnosed!!! So speak up, don’t be afraid!
  4. Your work doesn’t define you! Not being able to work doesn’t make you less of a person, I used to answer the who are you question with my job title….A director, A real estate sales agent etc but NOW when asked I am a strong, passionate and caring women is my answer.
  5. It’s OKAY to not be OKAY!!! Gone of days now when I thought that if I was sad or tired and too exhausted that it was the end of the world and something to be ashamed of. I managed to deal with violent past traumas okay but when it came to my health because the world doesn’t share it I didn’t think I could so I suffered within myself… NOW i know its OKAY and I openly speak about it, I post awareness stories to help change the stigma when possible and it’s half the reason I’ve created this post so others know its okay and to as for help and advice! As long as you can pick yourself up when needed and keep up the good fight because you will WIN! You will win no matter how long you live if you keep fighting every day so you have no regrets!

These are my top 5 lessons, the top 5 things that have made me be the best me! Leave your comments on the lessons your illness has taught you to make you the strong man/woman you are today!

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