Hi, I’m Tiahana I live with an invisible illness… well quite a fair few! Where to start… I have:

POTS: My heart rate goes through the roof when I stand up, among other fun symptoms

COSTOCHONDRITIS (replicates the feelings of having a heart attack… FUN.. NOT!)

ENDOMETRIOSIS: Infertility We’ve been trying for our first for 4yrs, oh and LOTS of PAIN!

HYPERMOBILITY SYNDROME: Extra flexible = more strains, sprains and dislocations!

MIGRAINES: Pain, pain oh and the vommiting! EXTRA FUN in BRIGHT LIGHTS! (NOT)

ASTHMA: Definitely not fun with the country on fire!

SILENT SEIZURES: Still being diagnosed, slowing in the brain showed on last EEG.

COELIAC DISEASE: No gluten 😦 Thankfully I’ve found lots of great GF recipes to share!


ADENOMYOSIS – Abdominal cramping and infertility

POLYCYSTIC OVARIES – More abdominal pain and heavy periods, infertility as I have 22 follicles on the left ovary and 20 on the right

CARPAL TUNNEL – Tingling in the hands and arms with cramping, dead arms if i lift above my head!

STRESS – Apparently its causing my seizures, abdominal pain and infertility even withthe above diagnosis its the stress causing the cramps not the diagnosis’s themselves !!!! Seriously… some doctors!!!!

So Just a few things my body has going on, I’m sure I’ve still missed something due to the life of BRAIN FOG and daily PAIN.. which I’m sure I’m not alone with and that you suffer too, which may be what has led you here… or you know someone else living this crazy life

I’m here to help you understand your not alone and share everything I have learnt.. one blog at a time. If there is anything in particular your curious about send a message and I will respond or post a blog on that topic!

Feel free to check out the page, comment and email your questions and feedback and together we can be strong!

#invisiblebutstrong #Invisibleillness #StayStrong #zerotohero #YouAreNotAlone

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