Dealing with stress with chronic illness

Stress can wreck havoc on anyone’s body at any stage healthy or not, it’s just what it does and so many doctors do just jump on it as a diagnosis as I’ve previously written about. But today I wanted to write how it affects someone with Chronic illnesses.

Currently someone from my past has come across my blogs, someone I’ve made it clear to that I want nothing to do with. Not knowing how he found me or why has caused me to stress more than I normally would, it’s sent all my symptoms into a flare as others in the same boat would understand!

When faced with such illnesses you lose the ability to control your thoughts, depression is a side effect of many medications for chronic illnesses which I do blame for the loss of control of stress as I was always so happy prior and had more control, I’m not depressed but the lack of control is definitely not great either.

My seizures can be triggered by stress, tachycardia and irregular heart beats happen more so when stressed causing even more symptoms or the same symptoms just worsening…. I don t know which is worse!

It makes recovery time longer, every day seem harder and every symptom more unbearable!

So please if you know someone with chronic illness, ask what you can do to ease their stresses, do they need a lift or someone to talk to etc. If you suffer from chronic illness like me, take a deep breath when needed, find a stress release that works for you whether it’s over riding your thoughts with positive ones, yoga, breathing exercises or distraction (that works best for me, puzzles or art are great) and lastly if you are the person from my past that has found this blog, send me a message that you’ve read this, how you found me and that you understand that you’re only making things worse for me and that you will stop reading my blogs, and will stop looking me up and will just back off forever! (It’s been 13yrs!)

Once again thank you to everyone for your ongoing support it’s been amazing, I created this blog to help others going through similar issues and the messages I’ve received knowing I’ve made a difference is why I do what I do! You’re not alone and I’m here to help in any way I can. So please feel free to share any concerns or questions or ask what you would like my next blog to be about! Thanks for reading!

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