My heavy heart – A poem from the conflicted.

My heart so heavy, such a tangled web inside.
For so many reasons..yet I still don’t understand why?
I know what’s going on in my mind, yet my heart… no clue!
It’s the reason why I lay awake, I don’t know what else to do!
So many questions, so many unknowns to tick!
Like why so insecure, why so sick?
My heart sleeps heavy yet shines so bright
As my strength and courage continue this fight
In my shadows and deep within lay quiet but loud all my fears..
I question should I keep smiling or at last break down and curl up in tears?

My heart beats way too fast, like me it doesn’t know how or when to slow down!
I wish I wasn’t alone all day and could be just out like everybody working in town.
I feel guilt, I feel like a burden and have no known purpose anymore
All I know is each day is a struggle, I’m now insecure and oh so sore!

I may seem lazy to others, I may seem like a bore
Every little thing I do now seems like a chore!
My heavy heart please give me a rest
Because I’m just doing my very best!

The end

I’ve been working on this drawing for quite some time now adding to it every couple of days and although I’m still not finished I thought I would share as it inspired this poem tonight , I’ve named it
“Heavy hearts burn the brightest.. the exploding web of imperfection, that is out heart 💓 “

I hope this helps inspire others to write and draw to help work through the hardships illness throws our way! We are stronger than anything that comes our way, our heavy hearts always do make us shine brighter in the end!! 🌟

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