Seeing a new specialist when chronically ill

I thought I would make a post about preparing to see a new specialist.

It’s an emotional experience, the hope, the wonder, the excitement and fear. The mental preparation of trying to create a balance of hope and anxiety of having them not listen once again.

The best advice I can give in this area are as followed.

1. Gather all supporting documents, create (or contact me if you would like a template) a list of all your symptoms, what they feel like and when they started along with anything that eases or triggers your symptoms.

2. Allow yourself 15mins of worry time a day and set an alarm, think best case and worse case and how you will handle each. Once the alarm goes off move your mind onto something more productive.

3. Don’t let your previous experiences with Doctors pose on your next experience. Not all Doctors are arrogant no it alls… although there are a lot. Give the next one and the one after the benefit of the doubt as you need to trust them to be completely open and they are more likely to help and listen to someone open to trusting them then someone closed off and hostile.

4. Bring a list of questions and write the answers as you may forget to ask or what was answered.

5. Bring a friend or relative as it may help with nerves as well as give you the support and a partner or close friend or relative may be able to help you explain symptoms more clearly if they have witnessed them or add in details you may forget or not realise you even do.

I hope these tips help you, they have helped me when seeing my new specialists latest being my neurosurgeon regarding my suspicions of having a CSF leak after many previous doctors tell me it’s just stress, or it’s in my head. This specialist has actually listened and believes I have a CSF leak without my suggestion. Finally listened to and heard after many previously have let me down. I hope you all have the chance to follow these tips and obtain great care from the medical world.

Till next time, rest up and take it easy!

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