My 15kg weight loss challenge

Hi my lovely followers. Apologies I have been MIA for a while!!! Unfortunately we have recently lost our baby after being really unwell during pregnancy. This is what has started this goal and to keep me accountable and help others on a mission to lose weight I will be blogging my weekly achievements.

Due to a range of abnormal blood test results my fertility specialist has advised it would be best if I lose 5-10kgs. My goal however has been to lose 15kgs to get back to 70kgs.

This week my progress has been sped up due to having a tooth removed so fasting for the surgery and now having to be on shakes and soups. I weighed in on Tuesday at 84.3kgs and this morning (Friday) I’m already down to 82.2kgs!!! 2.1 down with a whole lot more to go!

The plan? Due to all my other health conditions exercise will be the issue so most will come down to diet (I will be using the healthy mummy shakes so I’m preparing for pregnancy), yoga and walks around the block (or shopping centres haha just in time for Christmas shopping). So let’s see how we go as I aim to lose 15kg in 3months before we start IVF again in February.

So if anyone else is interested in losing weight with me drop me a line and we can keep each other motivated whilst we get rid of the excess fat to become healthier and happier versions of ourselves!

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