Chronic illness and weight loss

Well so far so good on my weight loss journey but it’s only been 10 days. I always find at the start I do well and lose weight easy but after the first 5-6kgs it starts getting harder so only time will tell.

So far I’ve replaced breakfast with a healthy mummy shake so I’m still helping my body prepare for another round of IVF after losing a baby recently. So no drastic shakes or meds for me. Plus I love the taste of healthy mummy shakes compared to others as they are smoother and don’t have a weird aftertaste. I have the banana or vanilla with added cinnatol to curb cravings, psyllium husk for extra fibre as I don’t get enough being a coeliac, and some Manuka honey with a banana taste like a normal banana smoothie then..yummy😋

So after have a shake a day, limiting my teas to two a day since I have milk and sugar and eating meat and veg for lunch and dinner plus increasing my steps through the day which is the hard part with POTS as the longer I’m up the worse I feel… but taking lots of breaks between, I managed 5kms in steps around the shops yesterday, great for the hips not for the wallet though so may have to find a park instead lol

So after all that, 10 days in I’ve lost 2.5kgs so far and am loving it, if I keep this rate I will easily do 5kgs a month as I hope for. My goal is 15kgs by February for IVF so we shall see how it goes! I’m expecting it to slow down after 5-6kgs so if so my plan is to increase to two shakes a day and add Pilates as well. But hopefully it doesn’t come to that as I don’t know how I will go with not much real food haha 😂

If you’re also looking at losing weight please comment or send me a message and we can do this journey together!

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