Seeing a new specialist when chronically ill

I thought I would make a post about preparing to see a new specialist. It’s an emotional experience, the hope, the wonder, the excitement and fear. The mental preparation of trying to create a balance of hope and anxiety of having them not listen once again. The best advice I can give in this areaContinue reading “Seeing a new specialist when chronically ill”

My heavy heart – A poem from the conflicted.

My heart so heavy, such a tangled web inside.For so many reasons..yet I still don’t understand why?I know what’s going on in my mind, yet my heart… no clue!It’s the reason why I lay awake, I don’t know what else to do!So many questions, so many unknowns to tick!Like why so insecure, why so sick?MyContinue reading “My heavy heart – A poem from the conflicted.”

What exhaustion feels like when chronically ill!

I remember when I used to finish a 12-15hr day at work and come home feeling to exhausted to make dinner so would chill and watch TV and order take out… that’s what I thought exhausted was, I was wrong! Now I have good days and bad days and on my bad days the exhaustionContinue reading “What exhaustion feels like when chronically ill!”

Dealing with stress with chronic illness

Stress can wreck havoc on anyone’s body at any stage healthy or not, it’s just what it does and so many doctors do just jump on it as a diagnosis as I’ve previously written about. But today I wanted to write how it affects someone with Chronic illnesses. Currently someone from my past has comeContinue reading “Dealing with stress with chronic illness”

Chronic illness, the constant battle against yourself!

I remember getting an ordinary cold before all this and feeling like I was on deaths door and how I missed being able to breath or smell properly… and that was only after a few days! I would never of and could never of imagined life changing so much that a cold would seem likeContinue reading “Chronic illness, the constant battle against yourself!”


One of the many parts of living with a chronic illness, is the isolation. Although it’s not something we want, it’s just another thing this wicked illness does to us, it takes away our energy, our strength and our health when we need it most. Plans made weeks in advance end up canceled as weContinue reading “THE ISOLATION FROM CHRONIC ILLNESS”

The “It’s just stress” go to diagnosis for incompetent doctors & the effect on the patients.

As the title states I want this blog to be something most of you can relate to when going through medical investigations whilst trying to get a diagnosis, or even seeing a new Doctor who doesn’t “believe” your diagnosis. The way it makes us all feel is just wrong! This is something that needs toContinue reading “The “It’s just stress” go to diagnosis for incompetent doctors & the effect on the patients.”


Welcome to my blog about my journey so far with trying to conceive with invisible/chronic illnesses…. My journey started 4 years ago after we got married, I was SOOOOO EXCITED to finally start trying for a baby, a baby I’ve wanted for so long but had decided to hold off trying for until we wereContinue reading “TRYING TO CONCEIVE WITH INVISIBLE ILLNESS”